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Pilot Examinations

Dr Delany is a Civil Aviation Authority designated Medical Examiner for all classes of New \Zealand pilot and air traffic control licences. He is not only able to examine for such certificates but also is able to issue them.  

Information regarding certificate applications can be found the Civil Aviation Website

It is advisable that applicants download the CAA form CAA24067/001 'Application for a Medical Certificate' before the appointment. This can be filled in but not signed. From the CAA website go to 'Aviation Info', click on 'Medical', then 'Forms' and finally click on 'Forms for Medical Certification'.  

If there is difficulty downloading such forms they are available from the receptionist.  

New applicants unknown to the Practice are legally required to produce either a passport or a drivers licence for identification.

All initial Class 1 (Commercial), 2 (Private) and 3 (Air Traffic Control) applicants require an electrocardiograph (from the Centre's Practice Nurse) and a blood cholesterol and glucose test. Class 1 and 2 applicants also require an audiogram and a specialist's 'Special Eye Examination'. Appropriate direction and forms are provided by Dr Delany.